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About Me

founder of pvs

As a licensed and experienced esthetician with 13 years of practice, I have provided my services at various wax centers and high-end spas located in Northern California. However, due to the unsatisfactory remuneration and political atmosphere, I have ventured twice into establishing my own practice. Despite the initial setbacks, I am embarking on another endeavor, with optimism that it will be successful this time around.

How did this journey begin?

When I was 19 years old, I pondered upon my career aspirations, and my initial inclination was towards makeup. I aimed to hone this skill and work while pursuing higher education. However, as life unfolded, my passion for esthetics blossomed. I acquired the knowledge to appropriately attend to my skin, body, and overall well-being. Gradually, this interest metamorphosed into a calling, and now, I am enthusiastic about sharing my wealth of knowledge. With the rejuvenation of my practice, I intend to initiate a movement that provides comprehensive support to both men and women in all aspects of beauty.

Believe in the beauty within

The beauty that is visible to the world is a direct manifestation of what you feed your body, including your diet, hydration levels, exercise regimen, and even your thought patterns. In light of this, I am excited to introduce PVS social media platforms, where we will disseminate wellness tips, expert advice, and comprehensive knowledge on all aspects of beauty.

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