Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting:

Body Sculpting also known as body contouring is a non-surgical non-invasive treatment to help achieve body goals without having to gym for hours on end, or without going under the knife. The procedures performed quickly minimal discomfort, and highly effective.

Body Sculpting incorporate individual techniques to remove stubborn fat cells. Freezing the fat cells, heating the cells that accumulate fat through ultrasound therapy or radio frequency. The treatments all work together to break down fat cells forcing your body’s lymphatic System to flush it away.

Packages & membership

Includes RE, ultrasonic contagion, vacuum therapy. Laser Lipo is $199/per session $199 w/butt lift.

Membership allow you 2 sessions per week – so 8 session per month $1000 (butt lift included) to highly recommended as need six treatments to see a different get measurable results.