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Mission Statement Our mission and vision is: Pursuing excellence in every interaction, every touch point in which we exchange energy to serve you. Our top priority is service, second to providing the latest in conventional treatments that satisfy your beauty requirements. We are dedicated to creating a space of beauty that fosters the intrinsic beauty that emanates from within.

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You.

the brand

Pink Valley Studio – a new urban hotspot establishing its space in the beauty & cosmetics industry. Think Pink! Think feminine ultra-high energy!

Think of that place where you walk in and say I love it here! You can be anywhere but we are so glad you chose us to serve you. If we had to describe the Brand in three words: Service, Excellence and Journey.

From every service to every social media post, We pride ourselves in the excellent care we provide to the smallest detail. How you do small things is how you do everything. We absolutely love what we do and it shows in performance & results. Our energy is high and the vibe is set..

Journey with us…
Pink Valley Studio is more than a brand.
We invite you to join the journey to holistic healing, living, and being well. Through service and socials we expose various practices, rituals, tips to inspire your path to wellness. Join the movement, get connected and be involved in all that we have to offer.

Pink Valley Studio is a brand that embraces the feminine power whether you dress it up or dumb it down, the basic feminine quality needs to express itself. At PVS, our space is designed to nurture this side of you so it grows and thrives. It is very important we learn about what makes us unique so we can express it creatively. Our brand is here to celebrate that divine birth right and assist as you discover your feminine powers.

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Being Beautiful is a lifestyle

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what service we offer

Services are provided in a relaxed, non-rush setting

Have you ever been in a spa or salon and wished you were the only one there?

Are you tired of busy salons where you have to wait hours just to complete your services?

Are you tired of booking an appointment, making sure you’re on time, only to get there and have to wait your turn?

No worries here at Pink Valley Studio, you and your practitioner are the only ones in the space and promptness of your time is highly valued.


At PVS, our philosophy transcends the mere provision of services. We invite you to join us on a journey towards holistic wellness. Our exceptional services are aimed at promoting self-care and well-being. Each pampering session is customized to cater to the individual needs, concerns, and preferences of our guests, with a perfect balance of beauty treatments. Our goal is to enhance your lifestyle and leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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